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Hey, I've read most of your articles here and fully support the central idea you're fleshing out, but I'd advise against using a Left / Right oppositional framing. Not just because it undercuts the potential for a larger, more robust and diverse recruitment base by alienating large cohorts of potential support through vague but volatile tribal signifiers, but because it oversimplifies the situation unnecessarily. The blue church as woke cancel culture and it's alliance with crony capitalism and crumbling corrupt legacy institutions is a unique enough phenomenon that using established political markers does more harm than good - muddies waters, turns away potential support and introduces internal divisions at the expense of cheap tribal signaling. I'm sure the framing will help cohere and mobilize those who are activated by the tribal signifier but I don't think the medium to long-term costs are worth it. Granted, the overton window movement speed can make everything Right of the woke narrative look "Right", but that's giving up the framing to them. And I've read enough of the NRx underbelly to be just as if not more wary of them gaining the power currently wielded by the woke institutions. I'm coming largely from the Game B space (zeroed in on Jordan Hall as a key figure to follow years ago and found you through him, and am very interested in his Civium project), along with John Vervaeke's project and the work of John Milbank, John Robb, Samo Burja, Peter Limberg's Stoa, ect.

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Hi, I would like to help. How do I email you? Thanks

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Harry.Bergeron.1984@gmail.com. Look forward to talking with you

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@kadai, really appreciate you making this comment. I come to this article from Jordan Green as well and had similar takeaways. Harry you have an amazing skill of getting to the heart of the matter but with some of the right leaning examples you share, I proceed with caution.

All that to say, I am glad I continue to push through. I know a lot of people from my community (those hurt and afraid of right movements, I am a black anarchist) could not push through with the same level of trust. I have to assume I am apart of this "better world" but none of your examples include people who look or think like me.

I am going to finish this series because I am excited to be in conversation with those from different backgrounds. Thanks again for your work and I love this quote so much:

"Your enemies have invested trillions of dollars into manipulating the playing field because if they let up even a little bit, you win. They know it, now you do too. "

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