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Highlighting Balaji Srinivasan as a possible resource; you may already have mentioned or run across his work. Website: https://1729.com/how-to-start-a-new-country

Prominent in his framework for fear reduction are crypto, pseudonymity, and #7 the concept of the "network state" / cloud countries -- his book detailing this further is forthcoming. (excerpt from page above)

"7. Cloud Countries

And finally we arrive at our preferred method: the cloud country. Our idea is to proceed cloud first, land last. Rather than starting with the physical territory, we start with the digital community. We recruit online for a group of people interested in founding a new virtual social network, a new city, and eventually a new country. We build the embryonic state as an open source project, we organize our internal economy around remote work, we cultivate in-person levels of civility, we simulate architecture in VR, and we create art and literature that reflects our values.

Over time we eventually crowdfund territory in the real world, but not necessarily contiguous territory. ..."

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